Advertising & Product Reviews for businesses

I am open to reviewing products/services. (T&Cs apply, as set out below). All products/services for review must be relevant to the content of the blog and to my readers. I reserve the right to refuse a review of any product at any time. Should this happen, I will give my reasons to you in full (as explained below). I will network reviews throughout all of my social media platforms. 

Alongside blogging, I am a pet photographer by trade, working primarily with dogs, horses and cats (occasionally rabbits and birds). I have two dogs of my own, one a working cocker spaniel, the other a rescued mixed breed. I have contacts who will work collaboratively on reviews with horse and cat products - and I have a client list comprising many breeds (for breed specific items i.e. greyhound collars, large breed harnesses, etc.)


All items to be reviewed should be non-returnable to you. Food must contain quality and safe ingredients (which I will check before trialling). Toys must be safe for play. In your review post I will clearly state that the item was sent to me for review. I will take considerable time to trial, photograph and give my honest opinion of your product.

My policy for reviews is if I haven't got at least one nice thing to say, I won't say anything at all (publicly) - I'm not here to wreck your business, but I will speak with you to let you know my reasons for not reviewing. Therefore, items for review will only be included on my blog if they are deemed by me (or the animals) to be a 3 star or above product after trialling them.

Items I am willing to review:
Animal food items (as above)
Toys (as above)
Functional pet clothing
Leads, harnesses and other equipment
Pet beds
Pet related car equipment
Pet supplements and health products - these items will only be accepted if there is a need to use them or they benefit general well-being, and providing they are legal, have relevant and researchable safety documentation and be on general sale to the public (I will check this!) - no trial products please!
Walking shoes and clothes (outside wear) for people and animals
Photography equipment/software

Please note: I do not use clothing for the dogs except from functional items (coats/jackets/harnesses and items that help dogs with fear). Sometimes I will use props (e.g. a bow-tie, doggy glasses, a flower crown, etc) for photographing the dogs, and am willing to review any items that fall into this category, but I won't be dressing Harvey in a ballet dress, so please don't ask me to! ;)

If you would like me to review a product/service for you, and you accept the Terms and Conditions above, please get in touch via email:

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